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Location: Chance’s House

Chance: “Libra! Use Arcane Critical!” *Libra shoots out a wave of fire, then starts glowing with a golden aura*

Jeremiah: “Okay, Gasher! Counter it with Rock-Throwing SandStorm!” *Gasher turns the stadium into a sandpit, and then it smashed the rock beneath the sandpit. The smashed rocks began circling around Gasher, forming a constant barrage of smash attacks*

Suddenly, the wave of fire on the edges of the stadium dissipated. Then, simultaneously, that same fire fused with Libra’s golden aura and created a golden fire veil! What a move!

Chance: “Libra, rush at Gasher with all your might!” *Libra does that*

Jeremiah: “Gasher, you do the same!” *Gasher does the same*

Suddenly, a wave of ash and smoke envelopes the stadium when the two Beys clash! When it clears, Libra wins!

Jeremiah: *Sighs* “Good game.”

Chance: “You too!”

Jeremiah: “Let’s go watch some TV.”

Chance: “Okay.”

In the middle of their favorite show, an urgent news report comes on. In it, a news reporter is talking with Barack Obama.

Location: News Interview Station

News Reporter: “Hello President Obama.”

Obama: “Hello Ms. Anchorson.”

Ms. Anchorson (News Reporter): “Today, my sources tell me that a Beyblade Word Championship is going to occur. Which Bladers are you going to send?”

Obama: “Well, we need the best to win, so I’m choosing Chance Bryanto, Jeremiah Varontine, Monty Rikizen, and Michael Kurone. They all are getting a free flight on my personal airplane, Air Force One, to Washington, D.C. so we can determine the team leader and sub-member.”

Location: Chance’s House

Chance: “Whoa! Jeremiah, did you see that?!”

Jeremiah: “Yeah! Let’s go let your mom know so she can take us to the airport.”

Location: Air Force One, a few hours later

Pilot: "Okay, we shall be landing in a couple of minutes."

Chance: "Sweet, I bet I'll be the Team Captain."

Michael: "Uh, I think you're talking about my spot, idiot."

Chance: "Well, we'll just see about that."

Location: White House

Obama: "Hello, as you all (hopefully) know, I am Barack Obama. Now, let's get down to business. The first battle will be between Chance and Jeremiah."

Chance: "We already did that a couple of hours ago, so we already know who wins. Me."

Jeremiah: "Mabye that was an accident, huh?! Mabye I can acually beat you!"

*The same happens as before*

Jeremiah: "Aw, what?! I was going to win the battle for sure!"

Obama: "Okay, the next battle is between Michael and Monty."

Continued in the next chapter.

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