Beyblade: Metal Wars is a fanon story made by TyphlosionMaster1. Please leave a comment if you wanna join. A chapter is released every Monday.


A long time has passed since Gingka and the Legend Bladers defeated Nemesis and brought peace to the world. But, a new evil is trying to get the Star Fragment of the new Legend Bladers.

Legend BladersEdit

Bladers of The Four SeasonsEdit

Solar System BladersEdit

Legend BeybladesEdit

Starting Bey Evolved? Result Bey Owner
Revolution Unicorno L:L Yes Final-Volt Unicorno Z:G:X TyphlosionMaster1
Blaze Helios I:D Yes Frontier Helios A:D FusionXHelios5980
Zeta pegasus Not yet None as of now Ultrakai
Supernova Pegasus GB105BB Not yet None as of now RexTennyson
Crowned SK Clown M:W Yes Hope of Proud KSK Clown I:EW Titi and Co
Fierce Blackwing B090 CB Not yet None as of now Tat114
Mischief Loki F:R Yes Cosmos Tsunami Loki B:B Joan Martinez

Main VillainsEdit

Main Villains BeybladesEdit



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