This is the third episode of Metal Revolution


Kenta: Gingka! Wake up.. look who's here *drags Gingka out of his house*

Gingka: *half asleep* What is it?

Kenta: Someone's here to meet you.

Gingka: Me? Who?

  • Outside

Kyoya: Gingka Hagane, now that you've got your bey back, let's battle in the Green Hades.

Gingka: Huh! Now! OK!!

  • At the Green Hades

Kyoya: Lets go

3 .... 2 ..... 1.....

Voice: Let it rip!!!!

Kyoya: Who's there?

Voice: Gingka, youv'e got to battle me.

Gingka: Not you

Hyoma: Its definitely him.

Voice: Yup it is me, Takeru, and I formally challenge Gingka and Hyoma to a battle.

Hyoma/ Gingka: We accept, btw its not gonna take long anyways, lets just get over with it fast.

Gingka/ Hyoma/ Takeru: 3 .... 2 .... 1 LET IT RIP!!!!!


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