This is the second episode of Beyblade: Metal Revolutions


(Gingka and company, on their way to Koma village come across a challenge match for the new tournament)

Kenta: Wow! A challenge match.

Gingka: Yeah *bored voice*

Madoka: Hey guys, I was thinking if I could enter this challenge match and improve my beyblading skills.

Gingka: Wow Madoka, that would be great.

(Challenge match begins and Madoka gets to the semi-finals)

Blader DJ: Madoka vs Osamu ........3 .........2 ...........1

Madoka/ Osamu: Let it rip!!!

  • Osamu keeps attacking with force and Madoka keeps dodging, Osamu attacks with a lot of speed and runs out of the stadium*

Osamu: Aw man, I loss ...... to you, Madoka

Blader DJ: Finals ......... Madoka vs Minami ............. 3 ........... 2 ......... 1

Madoka/ Minami: Let it rip!!!!!

Minami: I'll end this before you know it

Madoka: No you wont, follow her bey

Minami: Pixis deceive it

  • Pixis appears to move left, Madoka's bey follows and the Pixis appears behind it and knocks it out of the stadium*

Madoka: Noooooo, after getting to the finals I lose

Minami: Sorry kid but I enteres this match expecting someone but looks like she didnt show up

Voice: Or maybe she did

Gingka: That sounds like .... It cant be ....... its Hikaru

Minami: Yeah, my rival since we tied five years ago. You know her??

Gingka: Yeah

Hikaru: So are we gonna battle or not?

Minami: Lets do it

  • 3,2,1 Let it Rip!!!!!!*

Minami: Pixis attack, go and dont hold anything back

Hikaru: Storm Pixis is strong i know but you forgot about aquario too soon, Minami *Aquario disappears and then attacks*

Minami: Oh right Aquario could do that

Hikaru: Now Aquario keep attacking like that

Minami: Now now lets not be rash, iv got that covered now, repell Aquario right before it switches its performance tip

Hikaru: Aquario *worried*

Madoka: Pixis just released Magnetic waves from its Magnet 175(M175) spin track

Hikaru: I think I cant go so easy on you can I? Aquario Infinite Assault

Minami: Its a little too old now Hikaru, Pixis Random Hazzard

  • Pixis splits into three moving at top speed in opposite directions and then speeds towards the centre*

Hikaru: You call my move old-fashioned, youv'e made a big mistake, Aquario focus all your energy at one point and use special move Rapid Assault.

  • All Aquario clones line up to form a fast stream of water, hitting the opponent with incredible*

Minami: What? Then I cant keep secrets either Navigation Boost

  • Using its M175 spintrack, Pixis attracts itself towards the opponent gaining energy as it dashes towards the opponent*





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