Metal Revolution is a fan anime made by Duncan Ravenclaw. It is the sequel to Metal Fusion


Gingka is happy about winning the battle bladers, while at the same time he is sad about losing Pegasis. A new tournament is announced, Gingka becomes really upset but his dad tells him that there is a way he can get Pegasis back. After getting Pegasis back again he enters the tournament but realizes that this tournament is being manipulated by a new organization, the Crescent Galaxy. This organization aims to open a portal to another dimension but what is their actual aim????


  • A New Beginning
  • Settling the Score
  • Pegasis Reborn
  • Dolphin in the Green
  • Musical Lyra
  • Gasher and Scorpio
  • Another Dancer
  • Sora's Enthusiasm
  • Monstrous Ketos
  • The Second Round Begins
  • The Graceful Swan
  • The Crescent Galaxy
  • The Queen and the Hound
  • Taking Bull by the Horns
  • The Ship Sets Sail
  • Serendipiti Hatched
  • Fire and Ice
  • Emperor Augusto
  • The Leaping Hare
  • Arachen's Trap
  • Tigrer's Grand Appearance
  • Gryfono Flies In
  • Nocturnal Panther
  • Kenta Again
  • Libra's Tears
  • Cockatrio's Gaze
  • Ophiuchus, The Serpent Bearer
  • The Third Serpent
  • Articuno's Freezing Breath
  • Aquario's Revenge
  • Lynexin, Ruler of the Snowtop Mountain
  • Sheep and the Wolf
  • Riddle City
  • Lynexin Outwitted
  • The Tricky Sfynx
  • Mariposa's Charm
  • Land and Sea
  • The Heated Storm
  • The Unwanted Survivor
  • Angel's True Wings

New BeybladesEdit

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