Beyblade Metal Legends

Beyblade: Metal Legends is an Fanon series created by The Mighty Q. Created on October 15, 2011!


Years and years people discoverd new things about Beyblade people all over the world trying to find what is the most value thing in Beyblade. One day a boy named Zeke (in his yonger years) heard different things about Beyblade, when he was at home he got out this histroy book about Facts on Beyblade's History, he found it playing outside with his friend Keko, when playing outside with Keko he saw something in a corner of a Beyblade Shop called " Beyblade Work-Shop " he notcied it was the most Value and Rare books in the world that is very, very RARE that no one else could get their hands on, when he found it he took it home he lefted Keko running so when he got home he opend the book and found out a lot of things about Beyblade he was so surprised he read the whole book, after months reading the book he promised that he'll put it up into he turns 14 years old.

New DevicesEdit

New Devices is released after the reveled in Beyblade History.

  • BeyLegend-

(more info coming soon!)

Main Characters and BeybladesEdit


Other, Etc...Edit

  • Beyblade Work Shop
  • Beyblade Accessories
  • Beyblade Land

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