Beyblade Awake the Curse

Beyblade: Awake the curse is written by Titi and Co, and gingka and co. helps out

new chapter evey 4–5 days, so look forward to them.


In the present time, the “blader spirit” you see on T.V now days are rare, kids wanting to be a real blader but doesn’t have the spirit and a real bey, the real beys are hard, and not easy to obtain only the chosen ones are allow to use it, that's why the country decided to make “toy” beyblades to encourage their dreams. There's the evil bey that has been cursed due to it's power called cursed bey and Spirit Bey, that is free and bright and protector of human kinds. This war has been forgotten in centuries until the 5 legendary strong cursed bladers learnt the history and now is trying to resurrect the destruction bey that will remake the universe and create a new one with its owner in order to do that they need to defeat the 10 Light Warriors and fuse their beys with the 5 legendary cursed Warriors.each Light Warriors and the Cursed Warriors are able to use their element power, so what will happen to this world? Who will stop them?

Spirit BladersEdit

Name: Beyblade: Element: Ability:
Gingka and co. Universe Pegasis WW125LS Air Able to control the air (e.g. stay midair longer)
FusionVariares123 Strata Xragoon SC105SW Space Able to Create Space Dimensions
Blade0886 War Vir CRED:D Rage The Angrier the Blader the more powerful the bey becomes
Titi and co Crown Clown M:M Light Able to Negate any element Ability.


NovaBlur X:D Orichalcos Able to create a seal and lock the evil away.
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???

Cursed BladersEdit

Legendary cursed bladers:

Warrior: Beyblade: Element:
Recon Strike Commando Shooting Star Apus MRF:S Gravity
Gallantmon v.X Divine Saviour MS:UV Everything
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???

Cursed Bladers (Workers):

Name: Beyblade: Element:
???  ??? ???
??? ??? ???



  • after the Curse arc, there will be a new arc call Into the Parallel World

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