Characters And Beyblades:Kale and Nexus Zephyr MWD2F (Drive Gear)

Ari and Quartz Unicorno 85XF

Grace and Dark Saggitario WD145SD


Kale strolled along the boardwalk with his friends,Ari and Grace.The three friends lived in Miami,where they went to school toghether and worked part time and Ari's family beyshop,Forman's Beyblade Shop and Repair Center.They had just left school,and were headed to the local beyblade arena where a tournament was being held to determine Miami's top blader.

"I just know me and Quartz Unicorno are gonna win!" said Ari rather excitedly,holding his bey up to Kale.

"Don't count on it Ari," said Kale,his eyes fixated on his bey in his hands, "When you see the bey I have,you'll be regretting ever saying that!"

Both Ari and Grace leaned over to try and catch a glimpse of Kale's bey,but he noticed and tightly clasped it in his hand,blocking any chance of seeing it.

Soon they arrived at the stadium,Ari and Grace almost automatically pulled out their beys,Quartz Unicorno 85XF and Dark Saggitario WD145SD,but Kale patiently walked towards the large field of different arenas.The three entered and went to the assigned stadiums.Kale walked over to the "Glacier Stadium",where he would face Thomas and Night Libra DF145MS.The Glacier Stadium was a trapezoid shaped dome with an icy floor and pillars of ice that stuck up in various spots around the dome.

"3,2,1 LET IT RIP!" exclaimed Thomas,Kale meanwhile took out a strange looking launcher and his bey and launched it in few seconds.Libra circled the outside of the stadium,then took place in the center of the stadium.Kales bey crashed through pillar after pillar,seeming to not lose any stamina what so ever,it then swiftly charged towards Thomas' bey and easily sent it flying out of the stadium.The crowd cheered for Kale and all the other victors,The semi-final rounds would begin now.

During the intermission,Kale,Grace,and Ari met up again.Ari and Grace came holding hands,Ari had a big grin on his face but Grace looked somewhat sad.

"I won!" exclaimed Ari,jumping up and down in excitement,his smile then faded. "But I beat Grace,she's not in the tournament anymore."

Grace faked a smile and said "Ari,whats done is done,and besides,what really matters is that we had a fun battle.

Kale then walked over to Ari, "I hope I see you in the finals," he said "and don't expect me to go easy on you."

Ari's face went as red as a tomato, "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!" he exclaimed

But Kale was gone,he had already went to his next match.

END....for now -troll face-

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