This is a newer fanon made by LeoneMaster.Anyone can join in,just leave a comment here or on LeoneMaster's

Talk Page and he will get back to you.

Main Characters and Beyblades(open):

Kale Richards & Nexus Zephyr MWD2F (Drive Gear)

Ari & Quartz Unicorno 85XF

Dracylus and Iron Azulong 90MHF (Blaze Gear)

Grace and Dark Saggitario WD145SD

BeybladeNerd and ???

New Peice:Metric Gear


A new generation of the Spin Gear,it is a gear-like mechanism well hidden in the Spin Track,it activates a "gimmick" of a sort,giving beys interesting abilities.For example,Nexus Zephyr contains the unique Drive Gear,it rotates as the bey spins and makes the Spin track spin individualy at fast speeds.your bey can contain a Metric Gear if you join this fanon.

Plot:After a terrible disaster reffered to as the "Chaos Reverse",half the world has been left as a wasteland,and beyblading has become a very high stakes game.Many people have been possessed by an evil organization,they have the ability to create a nightmare dimension when blading,and if their opponent loses they will be trapped there forever.

CHAPTERS:Beyblade:Neverending Shadows Chapter 1:A New Beginning

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