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Birthdate Capricorn 31 January
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Height 200 cm
Weight 200 kg
Species Demon
Spirit Class S
Ultimate Trick Trinity Trident
Owner Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Beyblade Rank
Blader Registration 452786

"You will be my dinner tonight !"
— Blizzard

Slardarr slithereen-dota-dota

Facebolt : BeelzebubEdit

Beelzebub symbol is carved with a pale blue sea serpent monster with a trident on his hand.

Energy Ring : BeelzebubEdit

Its a transparent pale blue ring that can only be used on the Beelzebub metal wheel.

Fusion Wheel : BeelzebubEdit

The fusion wheel of Beelzebub is a dark blue metal wheel made with legendary components. The metal will not melt even if place near sun. Apart from that, its hardness is comparable to diamond and the metal is equipped with three thorn.

Spin Track: BeelzebubEdit

The spin track of Beelzebub is made with legendary components as well. It has the same characteristics of Beelzebub's fusion wheel as well.

Performance tip: Prince of HellEdit

It is a a special tip made with special component. It can withstand high temperature and capable of crushing diamond with it. When it's used with Beelzebub components, the destruction strength is flipped twice and defense is increase.


  • Bliizard first and only master is Yuki


  • ©Blizzard Article except picture is created by Bakurayuri a.k.a Kenny Tan. (Copyright)
  • Picture from Valve

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