Becky is a thirteen year old girl who owns Lethal Tricorn MC145MCS . She is explorer and Blader.

Fanon 004


Becky was created by Gingka and Co..


Becky has brown eyes and brown hair. Her t-shirt is yellowish brown. Her shorts are beige. She wears those fingerless gloves that are also brown. Those boots she wears are light brown. Becky has a light skin tone.


A very confident Blader indeed, Becky has always dreamed of being the best Blader. Shes quite strong. Becky is also clever; reading Beys moves. A bit like Madoka from the Metal Saga, she is kinda like a Bey Machanic. Most of the time, shes hanging about in a forest. She can be quite bossy at times. Most of the time, she gets her own way but it leads to trouble but she is mostly seen in a caring way.

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