Battle of the Masters is an event in which you fight one of top 3 bladers in a special arena. The arena is called Doma Orchalcos. The Winner shall receive 1000 EXP and BP


Blader Beyblade and Bit-beast
Crash Leone Drex Hydro
Trent8513 Dark Fire Dragoon Smasher A/DSWR
User:Kid1 Hell Canine
RayUnicorno Crush Rogue EA:HT
AsanInferno799 Tech Lupus F125XF
Oishij123 Blaze Mamba S:D
Trent8513 Peace Fanglongmon
Maxadookee Gem Eagle C:G
AsanInferno799 Tech Lupus F125XF
Mixoris Heaven Draguardian
Crash Leone D Poison Eagle W:T

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