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Ayumi Nashi drawn by BeylieverGirl

(Pictured on left)
Ayumi Nashi
Also known as: Mimi
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Dark Libra
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Half American/Half Japanese

Age: 16
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Family: Akita Anne Nashi (Younger Sister) and Riku Nashi (Mother)
Friends: Akita Anne Nashi, Gingka, Madoka, Kenta, Yu, Masamune and Tusbasa
Enemies: Doji, Ryuga and Dark Nebula Organization
Occupation: Blader
Quote: ""Stop annoying me, Akita.""
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: November 2nd, 2011


Ayumi is a 16 year old punk rock teen. Her little sister is Akita Anne Nashi. She has a bey named Dark Libra. Her sister and mother tend to annoy her, although they don't mean it. Ayumi likes to tease her sister about different topics and Akita just ignores her. Ayumi is a strong blader, constantly battling with Akita to improve her skills, while Akita improves her skills as well. Even though Ayumi is a rebellious teen, she cares deeply about her family and her friends. Under all the black makeup and clothes, Ayumi truly is a caring daughter and older sister.


Ayumi tends to wear a lot of black clothes and makeup. She has black and red dyed hair. Her eyes are blue. On her arms are blood red wrist wraps. She has a belt with a broken heart in the middle to represent her recent breakup. She wears black pants and black and white shoes. She also wears a silver heart choker necklace.


Ayumi gets into a lot of fights with her younger sister and mother. This doesn't mean she doesn't love them, but they both do get on her nerves. She teases Akita a lot for fun, like taking something she is using and holding it up in the air saying "You have to jump if you wanna get it back." Her dad passed away when she was 6, and she misses him terribly, for they had a close relationship, just like Akita did. She also recently broke up with her boyfriend Josh and is still recovering from that. She loves her friends and family very much. Some say she is just a troubled teen looking for someone to love.

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