BB-020 Avalanche Thetan is the twenty-first release in the Micro Disk System. It is a Class-C Top.

Trajectory Cap: ThetanEdit

Thetan resembles an Ape's fist with a subtle "fire" pattern surrounding it. (Trans. Foggy White)

Contact Ring: AvalancheEdit

Avalanche is the first Class-C ring. It has a width unique compared to the others, at least roughly. The perimeter, vertically, is sloped. It has a design faintly similar to Cognitive (Gear Shaped Ring, Essentially) with the exception an implied jagged design throughout the "teeth".

Spinpoint: Shallow BallEdit

Shallow Ball is the Micro Disk System equivalent to the Hybrid Wheel System's Wide Ball. It functions with similar balance and travel attributes. (Trans. Foggy White)

Spinpoint Shaft: Semi-Low ShaftEdit

Semi-Low is the third lowest shaft. Its primary focus is contact ring destabilizing. (Trans. Foggy White)

Body Shell: 3-Metal-Ring ShallowEdit

As the name implies, this is a low-sitting body with three metal rings surround the profiling. Acts much in a similar vein to Spiral Metal Balance. (Clear White)

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