Atomic Ra N:D
Face Bolt: Ra {{{requip}}}: {{{requipname}}}
Ra depicts an ancient sun with a hawk-like head in front. Above the head is Ra's sun-disk of Wadjet. A crook and a flail cross and make an X with each other. Inside the big sun-disk, is the radioactive symbol. The face bolt is yellow on the bottom and slowly fades into bright green. The lining for the images are black. It weighs 5.9 grams. {{{requipdesc}}}
Energy Ring: Ra Fusion Wheel: Atomic
Ra is a more detailed version of Eagle or Aquila. There are more ridges that are very detailed. This produces outstanding Upper Attack. It is golden with sparkles inside like a 4D energy ring. It is bright green in the areas where the two wings meet. If you compare Ra to Hasbro's recolored Eagle, the gray area is where there is bright green and the purple is the golden area. Atomic is as thick as Variares but has a different design. It has the symbol of an atom as it's design and where Variares's PC Frame is, that's where there are small nuclear generators that can cause small nuclear explosions mid-battle. It is bright green and fades into gold like the Face Bolt. It weighs 53.4 grams, providing optimum defense.
4D Performance Tip:: Nuclear Drive (N:D) {{{partd}}}: {{{partdname}}}
N:D is like Variares's D:D but instead of the bottom where you change the tip, there is a ball of nuclear energy covered by see-through metal. This lets Atomic Ra shoot blasts of nuclear power at the opposing bey like Vulcan Horuseus's ability. It is golden with bright green stripes. It weighs 8.6 grams. {{{partddesc}}}

Atomic Ra N:D

Nuclear Successive Blast Shot: Atomic Ra uses Atomic to shoot blasts of nuclear energy like a gun shooting bullets. This has tremendous power.

Nuclear Regeneration: Ra becomes surrounded by a wall of nuclear energy with N:D. If it manages to get hit inside of this, he quickly regains his balance.

Atomic Diving Uppercut: Ra uses N:D to dig a hole in the ground and go right under the opposing bey and uses Atomic to rise from the ground and powerfully uppercut the other bey. The deeper Ra is either buried or under ground, the stronger the hit.

Special Move

Nuclear Crushing Destruction: Ra is covered by a vortex of nuclear energy, radioactive waves, and sand with Atomic and N:D. He then rises into the sky and crashes down on the opposing bey. Ra then grinds it into the ground and causes a humongous blast of energy. This can't cause recoil against Ra because he is protected with a layer of nuclear energy.

Atomic Ra N:D
Attributional Information
Level: Type:
Battle Record
Wins Loses
Number: {{{winnumber}}} Number:{{{lossnumber}}}
Percentile: {{{winpercent}}}% Percentile: {{{losspercent}}}%
Attack: 19
Defense: 16
Speed: 20
Endurance: 24
Balance: 24
EXP: 500 Influence: Attack

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