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The 2nd bey own by Titi and Co, It's a Defense Type.

Armor Hero J:L

Mask: HeroEdit

A facebolt depicts a Hero with Wolf mask and a red cape outline. it also shows a printed text HERO near the bottom. The background is colored in sky blue.

Cape: HeroEdit

An Energy Ring in light blue colour. this energy ring is made out of full rubber, to gain more balance as well as defense. in the design a word HERO is printed parallel from each other as a push up for stamina, electricity attacks won't affect this bey because of this rubber.

Costume: ArmorEdit

Metal FrameEdit

A Complete round and thick circle wheel in 50millimeter in diameter. on the outside of the wheel it shows a shield shaped on each side and on top of it, it has a tiny holes right behind one of each shield to refill it's water, vacuum the water from the air and releases water from it's core in the air (when releases water, it turns into steam). inside the wheel it contains a tube around the wheel with water in it, to increase it's spin motion and stamina along with defense with it's weight.


A round core which contains two mini heaters parallel from each other and it able to heat up, powered by the spin of the bey, just hot enough to create steam, so it wouldn't melt the Metal Frame.

Side Kick: Justice LawEdit

A 185mm in height 4D Performance Tip, and in 150millimeter wide. This Tip is unique, which have layers, like full rubber on the outside, and wool inside to reduce any impact and recoil to 0 surrounding, a metal tube that contains 2 disc, one on top of the other. as the bey spins, the disc will start to move creating better motion and each time the disc crosses each other it creates a sound wave to the bey, giving it better Stamina and balance. J:L have 3 tips, which can change tips when command which is MB, RB and B.


Thunder Noise: Hero releases some steam in the air to create a cloud, Hero then amplifies the echo of the sound from it's J:L to the cloud. The sound waves then fall down like thunderbolts. attack any opponents, Hero is unaffected due to it's Rubber Energy Ring.

Noel Organon: Hero uses it's sound waves towards it's Fusion wheel makes the water move as fast as a current to restore it's stamina and Balance.

Noise Cutter: Hero uses it's sound wave to cut it's opponent from high-frequency vibrations. Hero is able to do this while the opponent goes behind Hero (Aoe)

Super Power: Time of JusticeEdit

Hero sends out 5 energy orbs and barrages the opponent, then the orbs enter opponents bey and disappears and waits for Titi and Co say 'Justice Time', as all the orbs explodes inside the opponents bey.


Attack: 7
Defense: 6
Speed: 5
Endurance: 13
Balance: 8
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

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