It is owned by Max612.It is a defense type bey.


plain launcher .

Download (2)3333


Facebolt: DracielEdit

This face depicts Draciel the water spirit. The face bolt has the ability to suck in water vapor to use water based moves. It picks up the vapor in the air then using a heating system to make water which then it pulses into the spin track. Then it goes into the rest of the bey.

Energy Ring: DracielEdit

The energy ring shows 2 Turtles swimming to the right with waves between them. The shells of the turtles help defend.

Fusion Wheel: AquaEdit

This wheel is similar to kries because it has a curve near the top. It has 3 seashells on it which make seashell shields. These are good with heavy smash attack defending and defending against quick slashing barage attacks.

Spin Track: Fan Defence 145Edit

It is like wide defence 145 only with more curved wings like a fan. They go good with Aqua because the shells match up with the fans.

Performance Tip: Eternal Semi DefenceEdit

ESD is semi defence as the name states only with the free spinning tip of eternal sharp. This is used so Draciel dosen't lose stamina while defending.



Water strike : dracel attack his opponents with a great speed.


Water Shield: Dracel creates a shield of water by using its fan to control the water vapor it collects and protects itself from attacking beys


Mist Mirage: Draciel barages his opponents.

Special MoveEdit

Draciel Tsunami Boost: A tsunami appears and Draciel absorbs all it's force power and not the water so Draciel gets a strength boost and the Tsunami and Draciel crash into the opponent's bey.


Attack: 13
Defense: 9
Speed: 5
Endurance: 6
Balance: 6
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

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