Apocalypse Coyote P:S is an attack type owned by EpikC, made by his friend, FastBlade5035.

Face: CoyoteEdit

The face on this bey is Brown with a gold print. It deplicts a coyote facing the right, bearing it's fangs.

Ring: CoyoteEdit

The coyote ring is basically the Wolf ring, only a trans brown and a bit wider.

Wheel: ApocalypseEdit

The Apocalypse wheel is very jagged, with tons of bumps, or small fangs. It is medium weight, a bit longer than Bigbang, and sits reasonably high. It has exellent power, and has a secret, apocalyptic power dwelling inside.

4-D Tip: Pouncing StanceEdit

P:S is a very simple tip... It is as tall as a TH170WD combo, and starts as a Quake tip. On command, it changes to a Rubber Metal Sharp. Therefore, as an attack type, P:S should be used in Q mode most of the time.

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