The Anti-Orichalcos is pretty self explanatory of what it is, this seal banishes the Orichalcos seal with an anti magic seal that stops the original Orichalcos seal. This seal can be activated when the original Orichalcos seal is unleashed or to anyone that is belonged with the seal itslf. The seal is Red and its background is black. To activate this seal you chant, Drol Ukedelav Ortsev Sumnia (orichalcos chant back words). The first person to wield the seal and founder was TheRedNova and his bey Mars Ultor. This seal was created because TheRedNova couldnt take himself to use the Orichalcos power and take away other beys. This seal overlays the Orichalcos seal and takes it away when activated basically.

HOW TO JOIN: If Hunter has never seen you in battle ,you must battle Hunter and if he feels like you battle strongly, he will deem you and you will be in the group of the Anti-Orichalcos but if Hunter has seen you and thinks you are strong you are in. You also must have at least 3000 BP.

When Hunter approves add these templates to the respective areas

Anti-Orichalcos This Blader sides with The Anti-Orichaclos
Anti-Orichalcos This Bey sides with The Anti-Orichaclos


Hunter (Founder)

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