Amicitia Campana 125WB

Amicitia Campana 125WB is a Stamina-Type Beyblade owned by Thechosen1blader. It is the first Beyblade of the MWS (Max Weight System), BB-0001. It's evolution/revenge form is Ultio Campana M:C. Revenge Bell Metal:Change. It changes to that after it is broken in battle by a true blader.

FaceBolt: CampanaEdit

Campana depicts a bell, with an "eye" where the ball is. The eye actually is the ball. It has the word "CAMPANA" written under it. Campana is the Latin word for "bell".

Energy Ring: CampanaEdit

Campana has a unique design. It represents two small bells with "bands" on them, like in the picture above.It has great stamina and is completely symmetrical. It is quite light, which half explains it's great endurance.

Fusion Wheel: AmicitiaEdit

Amicitia looks very alike to Burn, but is heavier. It has as great solo spin-time as Burn but a little bit more recoil. When mixed with Campana, it creates an affect similar to Vulcan and Horuseus, but weaker. There are no hollow parts in the wheel, which explains why it is so heavy. Probably the best part of this Beyblade. Amicitia is the Latin word for "friendship".

Spin Track: 125Edit

125, although outclassed by D125 and T125, is still a decent mid-height Track if the aformentioned aren't available. When mixed with Amicitia, it creates a "down force" because of Amicitia's design.

Performance Tip: WBEdit

WB, as it's name suggests, is a wider version of B, with more friction. Because of this friction, it moves around more. This can be prevented, however with a launch of 70%. With a Metal Face it doesn't matter.


Swift Spin

Campana moves to the center of the stadium and focuses it's energy into one spot to increase it's spin power.

Offensive Stance

An attacking move where Campana attacks the enemy in a flower pattern, doing somewhat severe damage.

Air Absorb

Campana moves away from the opponent and uses air to absorb some spin power.

Special MoveEdit

Sacred Bell Tune

Campana uses it's Bey Spirit to make the opponent sleepout while it is covered by a sphere of light energy.


Attack: 6
Defense: 6
Speed: 13
Endurance: 7
Balance: 5
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}


  • Amicitia and Campana together mean Friendship Bell, so this Bey can also be called Friendship Bell 125WB
  • It has a dark evolution that occurs after a strong battle between one of the strongest bladers on fanon

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