This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Alpha Volantis S:D

Alpha Volantis S:D is a new type beyblade belonging to Remiel . It is not actually meant for combat but instead for scientific perpouses.

FaceBolt: VolanEdit

The Volan face motif depicts a large eye and several squid like arms that represent the arms of the guardian wrapping around it. The Volan bolt is a unique bolt that can change height for the energy ring's change mode. While in visual mode Valon's bolt changes height and the extra space can use solar energy stored from the ring create visual images that can dencify to create soli-grams like clocks and compass'.

Energy Ring: Volantis Edit

The Volantis energy ring has two layers split through the horizantal center and seperate when switching through visual mode and store mode, the two layers diverse by the facebolt who works by changing its own height to seperate the two layers. The top layer depicts several squid like arms that create a star shape around the facebolt. The bottom layer fills in the spaces outside of the "star" and the space between it and the top layer work together to densify images with visual mode.

Fusion Wheel: AlphaEdit

The Alpha Fusion Wheel is a circular metal wheel that wraps around the beyblade completely. The metal wheel has three drawer's that pull out to desify the visual images produced in visual mode.

4D Preformance Tip: Solar DriveEdit

The Solar Drive Performance tip uses the friction between it and the ground to create heat. The heat produced by this is sent to the face bolt for densifying perpouses.

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