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This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Alpha Delphini B145JB is a Balance-Type Beyblade owned by TyphlosionMaster1. It is one of the dolphin beys that was created by Delphis.
Alpha Delphini B145JB
Alpha Delphini

Face Bolt: DelphiniEdit

The Face Bolt depicts Alpha Delphini, a star located near the Delphius constellation. It shows a dolphins head looking forward with water around it. It appears on a light blue Face Bolt.

4D Energy Ring: DelphiniEdit

The Energy Ring is a pretty circular wheel with small fins that appears on it. It also has four spikes on each corner of it. It is pearl blue in colour.

4D Fusion Wheel: AlphaEdit

Metal FrameEdit


Spin Track: Bearing 145 (B145)Edit

The Spin Track has a shield-like design with bearings inside to keep its stability and stamina, aswell as defense. It is the best defense track due to its amazing stamina and defense potential.

Performance Tip: Jog Ball (JB)Edit

Jog Ball has the same size as Wide Ball but with more Defense due to the little rounded spikes on it to grip onto the stadium when it is hit. This Performance Tip is actually more like a Balance type bottom than a Defensive one, due to the fact that it moves around with notable aggression and grips for strong hits. When solo spinning the spikes will not grip and instead will lessen floor contact increasing stamina over WB. It still retains quite high Defense in Endurance and low recoil. In fact, this would be a nearly flawless fantastically Balanced Performance Tip if not for one downfall. This is that while roaming around it sets itself up for a K.O. and Attack Types whether in the flower pattern or not will hit it, and it's closer to the exits, making the chances of a stadium out higher. In the anime it is shown to be able to spin on top of/in liquids, however, in real life, any Performance Tip can spin in liquids, just not that well. Also, in the anime, JB has spikes on the top of his tip but not in real life. It is outclassed by MB due to more weight and Stamina and RB due to more friction and a wider circumference.


  • Gamma Delphini F160BB
  • Beta Delphini CS120XMB
  • Epsilon Delphini GW130HS
  • Delta Delphini MB145PF

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