Alister McCleod is a member of the Shadow Maverics.
Alister McCleod
Also known as: Alister
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): * Beyblades
  • Vari Perseus R145R2F
  • Lord Excalibur AD145RS
  • Destroy Excalibur AD145RSF
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: 14
Hair color: Purple/Black
Eye color: Blue
Family: None
Friends: Noah, Felix and BladePhantom
Enemies: Edboy3, Hazeshot
Occupation: Beyblader
Quote: "Its not about power but how you

obtain it"

Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos


Alister is a tall 14 year old male with purple/black hair and blue eyes. He wears a black shirt covered by a short cut long sleve black and purple/white top. His belt and bey holding equiptment are a dark purple much like his shoes. He also wears blue jeans and purple and black shoes.


Alister is very conceeded, cocky and self confident. He only cares about his own goals and could care less about who he steps on. He believes he is the greatest thing to ever be born and doesn't have a problem saying it, he finds himself very attractive and is a ladies man shown when ladies always crowd around him. He is very cocky, always bragging and showing off his talents to anyone who even mentions his name. He is extremely self confident and almost never discouraged. Alister does not respect his beys as he says they are simply tools for battle. He seems to only show respect for the one person most like him, BladePhantom.