Alfa pegasis
Alfa pegasis

long ago in kuma village when they were making storm pegasis they stumbled across an enchanted bey. it looked just like storm pegasis except it had a white storm ring with lots of feathers on it. but sadly when they tested him they could not master him. they knew only gingka could master him. but during testing it was so uncontrolable that it flew into the sky never to be seen again. after it left the people from kuma villiage were brain washed. 1 day a boy named ultra walked over and found alfa pegasis in a river.

face bolt Edit

the face bolt depicts pegasis with his face sideways fierce looking. it comes with a metal face and a magnet to.

the magnet is used to stick to other opponent,s metal wheel.

energy ringEdit

the energy ring is purple with lightning bolt stickers. it has two modes: harmony mode and burst mode.

metal wheelEdit

it is painted white and looks just like the galaxy fusion wheel except it has many wings that produce both defense and attack. when the opponent's bey attacks alfa pegasis it can defend with its metal wheel then attack with its metal wheel at full power.

spin track 360Edit

it has a 352 spin track. it can spin super fast and it has wings. it has giant white wings similar to galaxy pegasis's. the wings are made out of metal and spin out a lot of air at once because the spin track is spinning so fast.

performance tip rf100Edit

right flat tip that has a powerful grip to the stadium and it spins at amazing speeds! this makes a good balance tip suprisingly. it has good stamina good attack and good defense. the tip is blue and has a sun like shape.

signature moveEdit

alfa star crash A: shoots out many energy slashes and jumps on his opponent and starts barraging his opponent with energy blast.


aggresive movement. it moves in a s shape formation. against balance types he moves in a n shape formation.

when it looses all power it goes out of control and goes all over the stadium.

wing sacrification: pegasis shoots part of his metal wheel off at the opponent and deals a huge amount of damage.

special movesEdit

star shine missle:this attack shoots energy beams and star boosts and lightning to the opponent.

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