This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Agony Nargacuga is a Balance-Type bey owned by Foxboy98.

Agony Nargacuga

Bitium: NargacugaEdit

This Bitium depicts a Nargacuga (Bat Panther), and it is heavy so it can reduce the recoil the HT-Disk produces.

HT-Disk: Panther VariationEdit

This HT-Disk has many spikes on it that can switch to Attack Mode and Defence Mode. And it has a burgundy colored plastic part that releases the beast. Attack Mode has many gaps and spikes while Defence Mode has a completely round shape.

Spin-Wing: Panther BoostEdit

This Spin-Wing has three wings on it that can push up air to increase the speed, and stamina of the bey. It can be flipped to change between, Attack Mode and Defence Mode.

Tri Sensor: Panther StealthEdit

This Tri Sensor is a good balance part that gives the bey defensive and offensive styles, and it has great speed and mobility, as well as defense and stability.

Special MovesEdit

Ninja Attack: Nargacuga makes clones of itself to attack the opponent.


  • This bey was inspired from Ebony Nargacuga.

Agony Nargacuga's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
55 60 55 110 65

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