Nom Nom 001


Adorutas found Wildfire Falcon X:D in an Archaeological Dig he was doing. He appears in Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos as the Sub in Team Sky Raiders. He also appears in Beyblade: The World Beyblade Championships 2 as part of Team Sky Raiders. He has recently come across a sword of medieval times in one of his digs. He figures he can defend himself from Hack Xes with it.


He has Brown Hair and Brown eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt with a red vest over it. He wears gray jeans with a black belt. The belt has two red falcon wings on it. The belt buckle is lime green with a falcon head on it. He wears black wristbands with lime green gems and green gloves. His shoes are black with fire designs.


He's usually just a silly boy, but when battling or working in one of his digs he becomes quite serious.


I'ma launchin' mah Beyblade.

O o






  • Adorutas is the Fanon character of, and is the same person as, Saturoda.

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