∞ Saviour/Special Powers


Diffusion Wave Motion:

Saviour goes 1 meter above the stadium. The bey glows as an aura of light forms around it. This aura protects it and repels all blasts. Blasts from this aura are then sent at everyone with majestic forces. These photons cannot be negated and decrease the all beys stats by 10 with every blow. These photons do NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. Should they be absorbed for energy increase, stats still decrease due to it coming into contact with the bey.

Void of Darkness

Darkness spreads from the orichalcum tip to the entire arena. Aftewards a supernova of darkness occurs, destroying the arena, barraging the opponent bey with several critical hits, then finishing of by sending the bey into the air, and firing photons of darkness that slice it into shreds. Due to the void coming from outside of Saviour, he is protected.

Master Theif:

This special move summons Saviour (Beast) at 1/100th the size. Saviour sneaks inside the other bey. Unbeknownst to the blader he takes the part before the blader can react. He then returns to regular size and destroys it with ease.

Bitbeast Rampage:

All three bit-beats from the Saviour line (Majestic, Divine, and Mk3) appear. They then double in size and strength, and barrage the opponent bey(s) with several critical attacks at Max power. During this move Saviour himself is enveloped within a cocoon created by the Orichalcum tip. This cocoon protects Saviour from all sorts of energy vanishes when the beasts do.

The Classics Are The Best:

Use Any Special Move from a Previous Evolution. Saviour opens a time gate. This Time Gate gives Saviour the power to use the Special Move from his previous evolution line.

Galactic Demise:

Majestic Saviour appears. It picks up the opposing bey, goes into the cosmos and finishes off by thrwoing the bey back into the earth with a 80% chance of stadium out. The bey that is thrown takes sever damage due to collision with the atmosphere.

Wrath of the Fallen:

In this move, Saviour calls up the spirit of every bey he has destroyed, been absorbed by the Orichalcos, or sided with the Orichalcos (currently totaling to 12). These spirits are unstable and only appear during the SP. Saviour absorbs the beasts. One by one they are sent at the opposing bey, dealing 50 damage. After the beast has been sent. It's energy is sent to Saviour and it vanishes into the air.



The beyblade transforms into a 50ft golden phoenix. This phoenix takes flies high above the arena. Afterwards from the sky, it can attack the bey with:

The Signature Move; Burst Stream of Destruction. In this move, Savior sends all energy from the core across the body to the tallons, beak, and wing points. Afterwards, it fires the white streams. The streams can break through easily and are to powerful for a bey to abosrb. Should one try, its parts will we destroyed before even absorbing 1% of the stream. These streams have the power to destroy dimensions.

Galactic Barrier: By closing its wings together, The core of Solaris, is able to send energy in a complete chain. This energy increases the wings power. This energy allows the wings to withstand up to 100 supernovas without a single scratch. This also allows it absorb enegy which will be transported to the core through the energy cycle.

Should Solaris become close to an opponents Bey it can:

  • Use points 3 and 7 to bombard the opponent with an avanach.
  • Use points 1 and 5 to conitously barrage the opposing bey with devistating power
  • Use points 4 and 8 to fire lasers of anti matter at the opposing bey, nulling out any energy sent at Solaris
  • Use points 2 and 6 to drain the opposing bey of energy.

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