∞ Saviour/Modes


Way Big:

Way Big is Saviour's attack mode. In Way Big, Saviour utilizes the Obelisk Track, Orichalcum Tip, Kytoras Legacy, and God of Rage. By using GoR, Saviour spins at incredible speeds and strikes with deadly blows. Using the Obelisk Track as a source of energy, Saviour's stamina does not decrease nor increase, but it stays constant. With Kyutoras legacy, everytime it strkies not only does it damage the Bey, but it drains the bey of the potential energy it has, decreasing the opposings beys momental energy, and in turn slowing down the opposing bey.

Terra Saviour:

Terra Saviour is Saviour's defense mote. In Terra Saviour, Saviour utilizes the Slifer Track, Orichalcum tip, Kyutoras Legacy, God of Conservation and God of Wisdom. Using the Slifer track, Saviour forms a barrier of gas that slows down the opponent. With the God of Conservation ability, his Stamina increases and allows the continuous use of abilities without a rapid decrease of stamina. Kyutoras Legacy and God of Wisdom form the two perfect barriers. GoW allows it to bounce back any attacks should the bey get past the Gas or any attacks from above. KL allows it to take the enrgy formed from the attacks allowing it to feed the need of stamina.

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